Internal signage in places such as reception areas and food/retail outlets are a major factor in creating an important first impression. Good quality signage creates a perception of professionalism and commitment and will impress your clients from the outset.


Hybrid signs can create and install stylish reception and directional signage, using a variety of materials and styles to suit your image, location and budget. Choose from a combination of digitally printed wall graphics, acrylic panel signs or lettering, or frosted film and graphics to enhance the image of your office or outlet.

We create acrylic panel signs with flame polished edges which are fitted with Computer cut vinyl lettering or digitally printed signage. These are then installed to your office wall using architectural “stand off” wall spacers, adding to the overall elegance of the completed sign. Another option is 3-D lettering or logo, laser cut from acrylic, painted in your corporate colours and then installed directly to your wall.


Window frosting is not only a cost-effective way to create privacy amongst employees but can be used to great visual effect. It looks smart and modern and creates warmth in an office or retail environment. We can intra-cut logos and designs into frosted film, and can even digitally print directly onto it, making the glass partition or door a feature of your office décor without blocking out natural light.


Wall graphics can make a huge difference to the appearance and style of a room. They provide a great opportunity for subtle branding or decoration, or to create a stunning feature with a wall mural or even an optical illusion. We digitally printwall graphics on a variety of specialised materials and our experienced installers can apply the prints directly to smooth painted walls or textured concrete surfaces, or laminate to ACP or PVC panels which are then mounted to the wall. The materials available today allow for easy removal when required without Damage to the paint suface. Floor graphics are another opportunity to grab the attention of your customers. Our indoor floor graphics can be applied to almost any surface from finished concrete to laminate and textured floors, and include a non-slip overlaminate.

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